• Charity Center Our MISSION is to MAKE a DIFFERENCE
  • Charity Center Our MISSION is to MAKE a DIFFERENCE
  • Charity Center Our MISSION is to MAKE a DIFFERENCE
  • Charity Center Our MISSION is to MAKE a DIFFERENCE

Charity Center

Announcing the launch of Forever-Giving.org

Forever Giving will partner with charitable organizations globally that share our passion for improving the human experience.
Children are our future and Forever Giving will specifically focus on making a difference throughout the world by providing funds, facilities, and education to help fight against poverty, hunger, and the lack of medical services available for children. The foundation also supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters in the areas we operate and in our donor communities. Forever Giving will provide a transparent means for individuals to give, knowing that the funds will reach those in need.

Everybody, at some point, feels the urge to give. Perhaps this motivation comes from an inner appreciation of the people around us, or a realization that we have enough to spare a little, or maybe it comes from seeing the devastating effects of disasters throughout the world, whether man-made or natural.

We’ve all watched graphic images of the destruction of hope that occurs when a person’s ability to choose is removed, either by poverty, hunger, natural disaster or disease. Witnessing this suffering motivates us to look for a way to give of our excess, hoping to provide some relief.

The challenge then is how to give and how to get involved. This is where FOREVER GIVING comes in. One of our primary goals is to provide people just like you with a method to get involved, whether on a one time or a continual basis. We promise to put your generous contribution to work as you partner with us in the fight against poverty, hunger, natural disasters and disease.

We recognize that every single cent is sacred, and whether you give five dollars or one million dollars, your donation will be treated with the respect your generosity deserves. How much you give is not important. What is important is that you act now and join our fight against the destruction of hope, by partnering with people you know and trust.

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6 Responses to Announcing the launch of Forever-Giving.org

  1. Chua Eng Seng says:

    This is a great initiative. I feel it’s a natural extension of our Forever biz. I’ll give my full support!!! :-)

  2. Andrea Molnar says:

    Hi there,
    warmly welcoming the initiative and expecting news about forever giving.
    with love,
    Andi from Hungary

  3. lightness says:

    Hi! am Lightness Salema from Tanzania. Am so glad for Forever Giving because together we can help many people. One of my dreams which drives me to do Forever is to help other people.
    Thank you Rex for helping us to achieve our dreams!! God bless you!

  4. Shine Rajendran says:

    Forever Giving & Forever Living are synonymous

  5. O. Schulz says:

    Also Partner von FLP – Germany bin ich Stolz auf Forever G(L)iving.
    Es hilft sofort in Not geratenen Menschen mit all den Mitteln die Rex zur Verfügung stehen. Insbesondere jetzt wo die Menschen in Haiti jede schnelle Hilfe brauchen ist FLP sofort da.

    Danke Rex für Dein Business – Dein Fürsorge Menschen zu helfen wo es nur geht. Sowohl mit Aloe Vera für jederman Gesundheit oder mit einer eigenen Geschäftsmöglichkeit und jetzt mit dem Aufruf den Menschen in Haiti zu helfen.

    Ich werde sofort den Link zu dieser Seite auf meiner integrieren.

    Gruß Ondrie Schulz aus Germany.

  6. We @ Veunique Wellness & Lifestyle Solutions Melbourne, Australia welcome the launch the project that all of us distributors around the world helping children in needs for the children are our future and new generation to come. We help make the world a better place. They will have a good start in health, wellness, education and the wealth will follow. Thank you Rex our forever living home based business give a good living and working everywhere in the world. There is now purpose why we work more harder and smarter to support the children of the world all joint force. Forever helping others achieve their dreams MABUHAY !!!!

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